PhDs Completed in Musicology


Richard Deja
“From Place to Placelessness: Malawian Musicians, Commercial Music, and Social Worlds in Southern Africa”

Ioannis Tsekouras
“Nostalgia, Emotionality, and Ethno-Regionalism in Pontic Parakathi Singing”


Ignacio Prats Arolas
“Music and Communication in Enlightenment Rome: Doctrine, Instruction, Socialization, and Style in the Vocal Works of the Collegio Nazareno (1704-1784)


Hannah Chan
“Der Ring des Nibelungen in the New World: the American Performance and Reception of Wagner’s Cycle, 1850-1903”

Renee Clark
“Aspects of National Identity in the Art Songs of Ralph Vaughan Williams before the Great War”

John Stanislawski
“Grievous Angel: Gram Parsons and the Country Rock Movement”

Megan Woller
“Happ’ly-Ever-Aftering”: Changing Social and Industry Conventions in Hollywood Musical Adaptations, 1960-75″


Luis Herrera
“The Claem and the Construction of Elite Art Worlds: Philanthropy, Latinamericanism and Avant-Garde Music”

Heejin Kim
“Military Band Musicians on the Border: Crosser over Musical Genres in the Transnational space of the Korean War”


Sylvia Bruinders
“Parading Respectability: An Ethnography of the Christmas Bands Movement in the Western Cape, South Africa”
Natasha Kipp
“Organological Geopolitics and the Balaban of Azerbaijan: Comparative Musical Dialogues Concerning a Double-Reed Aerophone of the Post-Soviet Caucasus”
Trudie Ranson
“Munich, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, Handschriften-Inkunabelsammlung, Musica Ms F (1509-1525): An Examination of the Repertorial, Codicological, and Political Significance of a Unique Source of Parody Masses, with a Modern Edition of the Manuscript and Its Models”
Ryan Ross


Margarethe Adams
“Music and Entertainment in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan: Ideology and Legacy”
Catherine Blom
“Kjerulf and Welhaven: The Advent of Romantic Lieder and Poetry in Nineteenth-Century Norway”
Sara Heimbecker Haefeli
“John Cage’s HPSCHD”
Tanya S. Lee
“Music as a Birthright: Chicago’s Old Town School of Folk Music and Participatory Music Making in the Twenty-First Century”
Marie Rivers Rule
“The Allure of Beethoven’s ‘Terzen-Ketten’: Third-Chains in Studies by Nottebohm and Music by Brahms”
Aaron Ziegel
“Making America Operatic: Six Composers’ Attempts at an American Opera, 1910–1918”


Theresa Allison
“Transcending the Limitations of Institutionalized Aging Through Music: Ethnomusicology in a Nursing Home”
Kydalla Etheyo Young
“Colonial Music, Confraternities, and Power in the Archdiocese of Lima”


Joseph Jones
“Der Rosenkavalier: Genesis, Modeling, and New Aesthetic Paths”
LaDona Martin-Frost
“Pedagogy and Politics in Bolivian Music Education at the End of Neoliberal Reform”


Stefan Fiol
“Constructing Regionalism: Discourses of Spirituality and Cultural Poverty in the Popular Music of Uttarakhand, North India”
Sarah Long
“The Chanted Mass in Parisian Ecclesiastical and Civic Communities, 1480–1540: Local Liturgical Practices in Manuscripts and Early Printed Service Books”
Tony Perman
“History, Ethics, and Emotion in Ndau Performance in Zimbabwe: Local Theoretical Knowledge and Ethnomusicological Perspectives”


Jennifer Fraser
“Packaging Ethnicity: State Institutions, Cultural Entrepreneurs, and the Professionalization of Minangkabau Music in Indonesia”


Brett N. Boutwell
“A Static Sublime: Morton Feldman and the Visual, 1950–1970”
Edward Michael Hafer
“The Wanderer Archetype in the Music of Franz Schubert and the Paintings of Caspar David Friedrich”
Gregory Thomas Hellenbrand
“The Symphonies of Johann Michael Haydn: A Chronological Perspective Using Theories of Joseph Riepel and Heinrich Christoph Koch”
David A. MacDonald
“My Voice Is My Weapon: Music, Nationalism, and the Poetics of Palestinian Resistance”



Adriana Fernandes
“Music, Migrancy, and Modernity: A Study of Brazilian Forro”
Samuel Andrew Granade
“‘I Was a Bum Once Myself’: Harry Partch, ‘U.S. Highball’, and the Dust Bowl in the American Imagination”
Stacey Jocoy Houck
“Decoding Musical Resistance: English Vocal Music in the Service of the King, 1625–1660”
Fernando Emilio Rios
“Music in Urban La Paz, Bolivian Nationalism, and the Early History of Cosmopolitan Andean Music: 1936–1970”
Kenneth Owen Smith
“The Secular Airs of Sebastien De Brossard (1655–1730)”


Joanna Lynn Bosse
“Exotica, Ethnicity, and Embodiment: An Ethnography of Latin Dance in United States Popular Culture”
Gregory Michael Dietrich
“‘Living in Both Sides of the World’: Music, Diaspora, and Nation in Trinidad”
James Kenneth Randall
“Becoming Jerome Kern: The Early Songs and Shows, 1903–1915”
Cristopher Alton Scales
“Powwow Music and the Aboriginal Recording Industry on the Northern Plains: Media, Technology, and Native American Music in the Late Twentieth Century”
Anna C. Schultz
“Rastriya Kirtan of Maharashtra: Musical Fragments of Nationalist Politics”


Rebecca Ann Bryant
“Shaking Big Shoulders: Music and Dance Culture in Chicago, 1910–1925”


Stephen Hill
“Machini Kubwa: Group Dancing, Politics, and Modernity in Umatengo, Tanzania”
Patricia Joan Sandler
“Singing with the Spirits: Musical Life in Sao Luis, Northeast Brazil”


Diane E. Cornell
“The Performance of Gender: Five Comparative Biographies of Women Performers in Musica Popular Chilena”
Roberta Freund Schwartz
“En Busca de Liberalidad: Music and Musicians in the Courts of the Spanish Nobility, 1470–1640”


Alexander Lyon Gelfand
“Rhythms of Power: Royal Drumming in Aburi-Akuapem, Ghana”
Joseph Herl
“Congregational Singing in the German Lutheran Church, 1523–1780” 


Tamara Elena Livingston
“Choro and Music Revivalism in Rio De Janeiro, 1973–1995”
Laura Ann Bischoff Renninger
“Absolute Pitch and the P300: A Neuromusicological Study”
Melinda Ann Russell
“Listening to Decatur: Musical Ethnography in an Illinois City, 1992–1997”
Eunmi Shim
“Lennie Tristano (1919–1978): His Life, Music, and Teaching”


Michael Creasman Strasser
Assistant Professor of Music History, Baldwin Wallace College
PhD: “Ars Gallica: The Societe Nationale De Musique and Its Role in French Musical Life, 1871–1891”
Lise Aerinne Waxer
Former Assistant Professor, Trinity College
PhD: “Cali Pachanguero: A Social History of Salsa in a Colombian City”



Alla Abramovich-Gomon
President/CEO, Earth Music Foundation
PhD: “The Nenets Song Tradition”
Manuel Gustavo Erviti
Interim Head Music Librarian, Hargrove Music Library, University of California at Berkeley
PhD: “The Motet as a Representation of Sociocultural Value Circa 1500”
Larry Fred Ward
Professor of Music, College of DuPage
PhD: “Filled with the Spirit: The Musical Life of an Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois”
Richard Kent Wolf
Professor of Music and Graduate Advisor for Ethnomusicology, Harvard University
PhD: “Of God and Death: Music in Ritual and Everyday Life. A Musical Ethnography of the Kotas of South India”



Kelley Ann Harness
Associate Professor of Musicology, University of Minnesota
PhD: “Amazzoni Di Dio: Florentine Musical Spectacle under Maria Maddalena D’austria and Cristina Di Lorena (1620–1630)”
Robert Charles Ollikkala
Adjunct Professor and Music Program Coordinator, Algoma University College
PhD: “Concerning Begum Akhtar: ‘Queen of Ghazal’”



Peter M. Chang
Professor of Music, Northeastern Illinois University
PhD: “Chou Wen-Chung and His Music: A Musical and Biographical Profile of Cultural Synthesis”



Gretchen Peters
Associate Professor of Music, University of Wisconsin Eau Claire
PhD: “Secular Urban Musical Culture in Provence and Languedoc During the Late Middle Ages”
Mary Ellen Poole
Dean, San Francisco Conservatory of Music
PhD: “Chansonnier and Chanson in Parisian Cabarets Artistiques, 1881–1914”



Andrew Kay Kearns
Principal Horn, Foothills Philharmonic Orchestra, Greenville, SC
PhD: “The Eighteenth Century Orchestral Serenade in South Germany”
Margaret Lyne Sarkissian
Professor of Music, Smith College
PhD: “Music, Identity, and the Impact of Tourism in the Portuguese Settlement, Melaka, Malaysia”
Howard Allan Spring
Assistant Professor, University of Guelph
PhD: “Changes in Jazz Performance and Arranging in New York, 1929–1932”



Samuel Mello Araujo
Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro
PhD: “Acoustic Labor in the Timing of Everyday Life: A Critical Contribution to the History of Samba in Rio de Janeiro”
Jerry Max Call
PhD: “A Chansonnier from Lyons: The Manuscript Vienna, Oesterreichische Nationalbibliothek, Mus.Hs. 18811”
Paula Clare Savaglio
PhD: “Polish-American Music in Detroit: Negotiating Ethnic Boundaries”
Ann Louise Silverberg
Professor of Music, Austin Peay State University
PhD: “Cecilian Reform in Baltimore, 1868–1903”
Paul Arthur Wolbers
PhD: “Maintaining Using Identity through Musical Performance; Seblang and Gandrung of Banyuwangi, East Java (Indonesia)”



Allison E. Arnold
Adjunct Music Faculty, North Carolina State University
PhD: “Hindi Filmigit: On the History of Commercial Indian Popular Music”
Carol Marie Babiracki
Associate Professor, Syracuse University
PhD: “Musical and Cultural Interaction in Tribal India: The ‘Karam’ Repertory of the Mundas of Chotanagpur”
Virginia Louise Danielson
Richard F. French Music Librarian, Loeb Music Library, Harvard University
PhD: “Shaping Tradition in Arabic Song: The Career and Repertory of Umm Kulthum”
Michael Grant Vaillancourt
Owner, Priceless Books, Urbana, Illinois
PhD: “Instrumental Ensemble Music at the Court of Leopold I (1658–1705)”
Steven Moore Whiting
Associate Dean for Graduate Studies, University of Michigan
PhD: “To the ‘New Manner’ Born: A Study of Beethoven’s Early Variations”



Victoria Lindsay Levine
Professor of Music, Colorado College
PhD: “Choctaw Indian Musical Cultures in the Twentieth Century”



Susan Helen Parisi
Research Scholar, School of Music, University of Illinois
PhD: “Ducal Patronage of Music in Mantua, 1587–1627”



Marva Griffin Carter
Associate Professor of Music History and Literature, Georgia State University
PhD: “The Life and Music of Will Marion Cook”
Barbara Helen Haggh-Huglo
Professor of Musicology, University of Maryland, College Park
PhD: “Music, Liturgy, and Ceremony in Brussels, 1350–1500”
Anton Frederik Kolstee
PhD: “To Impersonate the Supernatural: Music and Ceremony of the Bella Bella/Heiltsuk Indians of British Columbia”
Ruth Mack Wilson
PhD: “Anglican Chant and Chanting in England and America, 1600–1811”



Daniel E. Freeman
Lecturer, College of Continuing Education, University of Minnesota
PhD: “The Opera Theater of Count Franz Anton von Sporck (1724–35)”
Valerie Woodring Goertzen
Edward J. Kvet Distinguished Professor of Music and Fine Arts, Associate Professor of Music History, Loyola University New Orleans
PhD: “The Piano Transcriptions of Johannes Brahms”
Julia Virginia Moore
PhD: “Beethoven and Musical Economics”
Stephen Ace Willier
Associate Professor of Music and Coordinator of Music History, Temple University
PhD: “Early Nineteenth-Century Opera and the Impact of the Gothic”



Marcello Sorce Keller
Visiting Professor of Music, University of Chicago
PhD: “Musical Change in Tretino: Style and Transmission in the Oral and Choral Traditions of the Region”
Stephen Matthew Slawek
Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of Texas at Austin
PhD: “Kirtan: A Study of the Sonic Manifestations of the Divine in the Popular Hindu Culture of Banaras”
Christopher Alan Waterman
Dean of Arts and Architecture and Professor of Culture and Performance, University of California Los Angeles
PhD: “Juju: The Historical Development, Socioeconomic Organization, and Communicative Functions of a West African Popular Music”



Thomas Nelson McGeary
PhD: “English Opera Criticism and Aesthetics, 1685–1747”



Philip Vilas Bohlman
Mary Werkman Distinguished Service Professor of the Humanities and Professor of Music, University of Chicago
PhD: “The Musical Culture of Central European Jewish Immigrants to Israel”



Christopher Jack Goertzen
Professor of Music History, University of Southern Mississippi
PhD: “‘Billy in the Low Ground’: History of an American Instrumental Folk Tune”
Theodore Solis
Professor of Music, Arizona State University
PhD: “The Marimba in Mexico City: Contemporary Contexts of a Traditional Regional Ensemble”



L. Kathryn Bumpass
Professor Emerita of Music, California State University, Fresno
PhD: “Beethoven’s Last Quartet”
Lynn Mason Trowbridge
Dean of Faculty and Instructor in French Horn and Music Theory, Brattleboro Music Center
PhD: “The Fifteenth-Century French Chanson: A Computer-Aided Study of Styles and Style Change”



J. Richard Haefer
Associate Professor of Music, Arizona State University
PhD: “Musical Thought in Papago Culture”
Rita Katherine Steblin
PhD: “Key Characteristics in the 18th and early 19th Centuries: A Historical Approach”



Alice Marie Hanson
Professor of Music History and Literature, St. Olaf College
PhD: “The Social and Economic Context of Music in Vienna from 1815 to 1830”
David Stigberg
Information, Technology, and Communications staff, College of Agricultural, Consumer, and Environmental Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
PhD: “Urban Musical Culture in Mexico: Professional Musicianship and Media in the Musical Life of Contemporary Veracruz”



Alma Colk Santosuosso
Professor of Musicology, Wilfrid Laurier University
PhD: “Medieval Letter Notations: A Survey of the Sources”



W. Dale Cockrell
Professor of Musicology, Vanderbilt University
PhD: “Hector Berlioz and ‘Le Systeme Shakespeariaen’”
Richard David Green
Chair, Department of Music, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio
PhD: “Robert Schumann’s Historical Awareness”



Doris Jane Dyen
Director of Cultural Conservation, Rivers of Steel National Heritage Area, Pittsburgh, PA
PhD: “The Role of Shape-Note Singing in the Musical Culture of Black Communities in Southeast Alabama”
Bertha Mary Fox
Professor Emerita of Music, Clarke College
PhD: “A Liturgical-Repertorial Study of Renaissance Polyphony in Bartfa Mus. Pr. 6 (a-D), National Szechenyi Library, Budapest”
Margaret “Peggy” Grossman
Professor and Bock Chair in Agricultural Law, Department of Agriculture and Consumer Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
PhD: “G.B. Doni and Theatrical Music”
Ali Jihad Racy
Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of California, Los Angeles
PhD: “Musical Change and Commercial Recording in Egypt, 1904–1932”
Deane Leslie Root
Professor of Music and Director, Center for American Music, University of Pittsburgh
PhD: “American Popular Stage Music, 1860–80”
Homer Rudolf
Professor Emeritus of Music History, University of Richmond
PhD: “The Life and Works of Cornelius Canis”



Mary Tiffany Ferer
Associate Professor of Music History, West Virginia University
PhD: “The Feast of St. John the Baptist: Its Background and Celebration in Renaissance Polyphony”
Ronald William Riddle
Former Music Faculty, New College of the University of South Florida
PhD: “Chinatown’s Music: A History and Ethnography of Music and Music-Drama in San Francisco’s Chinese Community”



Paul Ernest Rapoport
Professor Emeritus of Music, McMaster University
PhD: “Vagn Holmboe’s Symphonic Metamorphoses”



Alan Philip Lessem
Former Department Chair and Professor of Music and Associate Dean of Fine Arts, York University
PhD: “Music and Text in the Works of Arnold Schoenberg: The Critical Years, 1908–1922”



Miriam Wagoner Barndt-Webb
PhD: “Andreas Hofer, his Life and Music, 1629–1684”
David Milton Barron
PhD: “The Early Vocal Works of Anthony Philip Heinrich”
R. Stephen Blum
Professor of Ethnomusicology, CUNY Graduate Center
PhD: “Music in Contact: The Cultivation of Oral Histories in Meshed, Iran”
G. Warren James Drake
Associate Professor of Music Studies, University of Auckland
PhD: “The First Printed Books of Motets, Petrucci’s Motteti a Numero Trentatre a (Venice, 1502) and Motteti De Passione, De Cruce, De Sacramento, De Beata Virgine Et Huiusmodi B (Venice, 1503): A Critical Study and Complete Edition”
David Eiseman
Professor Emeritus of Music, Oregon State University
PhD: “Charles Ives and the European Symphonic Tradition: A Historical Reappraisal”
Jeffrey Gordon Kurtzman
Professor of Music, Washington University
PhD: “The Monteverdi Vespers of 1610 and Their Relationship with Italian Sacred Music of the Early Seventeenth Century”
Barbara Hughes McMurtry
Professor Emerita of Music, University of Richmond
PhD: “The Music of Prince Louis Ferdinand”
Wallace John Rave
Professor Emeritus of Music, Arizona State University
PhD: “Some Manuscripts of French Lute Music 1630–1700: An Introductory Study”



Robert Lee Byrnside
Professor Emeritus of Music, Agnes Scott College
PhD: “Debussy’s Second Style”
Jerald Curtis Graue
Former Department Chair and Professor of Musicology, University of Rochester and Eastman School of Music
PhD: “Muzio Clementi and the Development of Pianoforte Music in Industrial England.”
Patricia Ann Myers
Professor of Music, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
PhD: “An Analytical Study of the Italian Cyclic Madrigals Published by Composers Working in Rome Ca. 1540–1614”



Bartlett Russell Butler
Professor Emeritus of Music, Luther College
PhD: “Liturgical Music in Sixteenth-Century Nurnberg. A Socio-Musical Study”
Karin Swanson Pendle
Professor Emerita of Musicology, University of Cincinnati, College-Conservatory of Music
PhD: “Eugene Scribe and French Opera of the Nineteenth Century”
Marilynn Jean Smiley
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Music History and Literature, SUNY Oswego
PhD: “The Renaissance Organ Magnificat”



Robert Tallant Laudon
Professor Emeritus of Musicology, University of Minnesota
PhD: “Sources of the Wagnerian Synthesis: A Study of the Franco–German Tradition in Nineteenth Century Opera”
Alan Preston
PhD: “Sacred Polyphony in Renaissance Verona”



Robert Joseph Snow
Former Professor Emeritus of Musicology, University of Texas at Austin
PhD: “The Manuscript Strahov D.G.Iv 47”


David Eugene Crawford
Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Michigan
PhD: “Vespers Polyphony at Modena’s Cathedral in the First Half of the Sixteenth Century”



Sven Hostrup Hansell
Professor Emeritus of Musicology, University of Iowa
PhD: “The Solo Cantatas, Motets, and Antiphons of Johann Adolf Hasse.”
Mary Nicole Schnoebelen
Mullen Professor Emerita of Musicology, Rice University
PhD: “The Concerted Mass at San Pedtronio in Bologna: Ca. 1660–1730. A Documentary and Analytical Study”



Aubrey Sam Garlington Jr.
Professor Emeritus of Music History, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
PhD: “The Concept of the Marvelous in French and German Opera, 1770–1840: A Chapter in the History of Opera Esthetics”
William Kay Kearns
Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Colorado at Boulder
PhD: “Horatio Parker, 1863–1919: A Study of His Life and Music”



Alan Stanley Curtis
Professor Emeritus of Music, University of California, Berkeley
PhD: “Sweelinck’s Keyboard Works: A Study of English Elements in Dutch Secular Music of the ‘Golden Eeuw’”
Imanuel Willheim
Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Hartford
PhD: “Johann Adolph Scheibe: German Musical Thought in Transition”



Double E. Hill
Professor Emeritus of Music, Northwest Nazarene University
PhD: “A Study of Tastes in American Choral Music as Reflected in the Music of the Methodist Episcopal Church to 1900”



Edward Christopher Wolf
Department Chair of Musicology and Professor Emeritus, West Liberty State College
PhD: “Lutheran Church Music in America During the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Centuries”



Emil Gustave Ahnell
Professor Emeritus of Music, Kentucky Wesleyan College
PhD: “The Concept of Tonality in the Operas of Jean-Philippe Rameau”
Clyde William Young
Professor Emeritus of Music, Wayne State University
PhD: “The Keyboard Tablatures of Bernhard Schnid, Father and Son”

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign