Music and Performing Arts Library Special Collections

The Special Collections area of the Music and Performing Arts Library at the University of Illinois is home to a unique collection of scores, rare books, recordings, pedagogical materials, and other archival materials. Included in the collection are first edition scores of works by, among others, Francesco Geminiani and Robert Schumann, numerous facsimile editions of original manuscripts, extensive runs of 19th-century music periodicals, and primary reference resources such as the Histoire génerale de la musique of François-Joseph Fétis.

-Notable holdings in the Special Collections include:

-the Harry Partch archives: scores, recorded interviews, correspondence, and photographs

-Igor Stravinsky’s original manuscript score to the opera Mavra

-a first-edition piano-vocal score of Les Troyens with notes and corrections in Berlioz’s hand

-the Morris and Barnard Young collection of 19th- and early 20th-century popular music

-the WGN Radio Station studio orchestra collection of scores and parts

-the Lawrence S. King Collection of opera recordings and memorabilia

-original scores by the film music composer and Illinois native Frank Skinner

-autograph manuscripts and correspondence by the English composer Henry R. Bishop

-the personal collection of concert pianist, composer, and editor Rafael Joseffy

-artifacts, photographs, and recordings of Illinois-born violinist Maud Powell

-the personal library (scores and recordings) of violinist Joseph Szigeti

-the signed holograph of Béla Bartók’s orchestration of Beethoven’s “Erlkönig” setting (based upon Rheinhold Becker’s completion of Beethoven’s sketches)


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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