Balinese Gamelan
Instructor: I Ketut Gede Asnawa
Music from the Indonesian island of Bali. A gamelan is an orchestra consisting mainly of keyed metallophones, gongs, and drums.

Instructor: Donna Buchanan

“Balkanalia,” the University of Illinois Balkan Music Ensemble, was created in 1997–98 by Donna A. Buchanan, Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology and a specialist in Balkan (particularly Bulgarian) musical styles, under the dual sponsorship of the School of Music and Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center (REEEC). Participants include musically gifted graduate and undergraduate students majoring in a variety of disciplines, as well as Illinois alumni and community members.

The ensemble performs village, urban, and popular styles of traditional music from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey and occasionally, parts of the Caucasus and Arab Middle East on indigenous, orchestral, and electronic instruments. Songs are sung in the original languages by soloists and/or the ensemble’s women’s choir. Balkanalia is also closely associated with the “Balkan Performing Arts Society,” a campus-wide registered student organization dedicated to promoting and performing expressive culture from across the Balkan region.


University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign