Three musicology grad students receive FLAS fellowships for AY 2014-15

FLAS recipientsCongratulations to Thornton Miller, Casey Brege, and Ben Wheeler (pictured above), who have been awarded Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellowships for the 2014-2015 academic year! Click here to learn more about FLAS Fellowships at the University of Illinois.

Thornton Miller, a doctoral student in musicology, has been awarded a FLAS Fellowship through the UIUC Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center. His research interests include Anglo-Soviet cultural exchange and intellectual property rights during the Cold War, and Benjamin Britten’s relationship with Soviet authorities, musicians, and audiences.

Master’s student Casey Brege, whose FLAS Fellowship is funded by the Center for African Studies, has research interests in hip hop, feminism, and oppositional political culture in Morocco from 1999 to the present.

Ben Wheeler, also a master’s student, will receive his fellowship from the Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center. Ben is interested in wartime bard music from the Caucasus, specifically the regions of Chechnya, Georgia, and Abkhazia. He is also interested in representations and receptions of the music of ethnic minority communities throughout the Caucasus.


Musicology graduate students and faculty will present research at national conferences this fall

Several UIUC graduate students will present papers at the Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh and at the American Musicological Society/Society for Music Theory Annual Meeting in Milwaukee.sem pittsburgh

Ioannis Tsekouras, Priscilla Tse, and Richard M. Deja will be presenting at SEM, and our very own Balkanalia will perform with the Pitt Carpathian Music Ensemble at a Balkan and East European Dance Party at the conference. Catherine Hennessy Wolter will be presenting at AMS.

Many of our faculty members will also be presenting their work at these national conferences. Associate Professor Donna A. Buchanan, Visiting Lecturer Lillie Gordon, Assistant Professor Michael Silvers, Professor Emeritus Bruno Nettl, and Director of the School of Music Jeffrey Magee will speak at SEM. Jeffrey Magee will also present a paper at AMS.

See paper titles below, and click on the links to download the conference programs:

Society for Ethnomusicology

Affect Inherited: Redefining Pontic Sense of Belonging Through Parakathi Singing
Ioannis Tsekouras

Yam Kim-Fai, a Female Husband: Constructing Masculinity and Consuming Emotional Intimacy in Cantonese Opera
Priscilla Tse

Sounding Citizenship in Southern Africa: Malawian Musicians and the Social Worlds of Recording Studios and Music Education Centers
Richard M. Deja

Bulgarian Acoustemological Tales: Narrativity, Agrarian Ecology, and the Kaval’s Voice
Donna A. Buchanan

Present Narratives versus Past Projects: Egyptian Violinists of the 1940s and 1950s as Embodiments of Tradition and Modernity
Lillie S. Gordon

Roundtable – Music and Higher Education: Exploring New Perspectives
Jeffrey Magee
Bruno Nettl

Roundtable – Sound Studies, Ecomusicology, and Post-Humanism In/For/With Ethnomusicology
Michael Silvers

American Musicological Society

“Much as a Pianist Reads His Sheet Music”: Forging a Domestic and Commercial Place for the Mechanical Piano
Catherine Hennessy Wolter

Arthur Laurents, Radio, and Modern American Musical Theater
Jeffrey Magee

Hear Dr. Chris Macklin’s interview on WOUB Public Media

Music as Medicine During The Black Plague

(text below from

Host Jackie Wolf talks with Dr. Christopher Macklin, Assistant Professor of Musicology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, who has been studying the use of music and medicine in the Middle Ages, and more specifically the Black Death. From 1346-1352, the disease killed approximately 1-in-3 adults in Western Europe. Dr. Macklin is interested in how music was employed in response to the Black Death and how plagues and art relate on an emotional and social level.

Dr. Macklin cites a specific composition, “O sancte Sebastiane”, by Guillaume Dufay, as being particularly important for those coping with the Black Plague in the 14th century. This piece, citing the martyrdom of St. Sebastian, is a telling story of the mythology and symbolic historical representation of the Black Plague.

Workshop on Music, Jews and Globalization

Center for Advanced Study Initiative
Dissonance: Music and Globalization since Edison’s Phonograph

Dissonance-smallWorkshop on Music, Jews and Globalization
November 17 and 18
Center for Advanced Study
912 W. Illinois St., Urbana

Since the mid-nineteenth century, transformations in communications and technology have accelerated the pace of encounter and exchange between musical cultures. Participants in this workshop will come together in order to share disciplinary perspectives on the reshaping of musical life brought about by these changes since the late nineteenth century, concentrating on the many-sided involvement of Jews as musicians, musicologists, and entrepreneurs in the modern world. The workshop aims to bring together approaches from multiple disciplines for mutual enrichment and critical reflection; participants will be encouraged to contribute a broadly reflective talk that will lead to discussions of issues of general interest.

Invited  presenters include:
Philip Bohlman (Music, University of Chicago)
Annegret Fauser (Music, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Lars-Christian Koch (Music, University of Cologne)
Harry Liebersohn (History, University of Illinois)
James Loeffler (History, University of Virginia)
William Kinderman (Musicology)
Bruno Nettl (Musicology, University of Illinois)
Michael Steinberg (History, Brown University)

This workshop is free and open to the public.

For more information, including the workshop schedule, see

ISAMS Alumni Lecture: Andrew Granade


Illinois Student Association of Music Scholars
Alumni Lecture Series


Dr. Andrew Granade
Associate Professor of Musicology
Chair of Composition, Music Theory, and Musicology
University of Missouri Kansas City – Conservatory of Music and Dance

Finding a Humanizing Alchemy: Harry Partch and the Illini Student Union Spring Musical Water! Water!

Friday, October 24
5:00 pm
Smith Hall Room 25